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Quadrant Australia has been operating specialist agricultural technical tours for over 25 years. Incorporating the experience of two established businesses, Ag Tour Australia and ANF Agritours, (which merged in July 2006), we operate both within Australia and around the world. Our group study tours provide farmers, producers, industry, students, academics and others, with the opportunity to travel and learn about agriculture with like-minded people and to meet key industry contact.

Quadrant Australia specialises in tailor-made programs. These can be specific to one industry or we may combine a number of agricultural sectors in a general farming tour, depending on the interest and requirements of our clients. Example industries may include livestock, cropping, pastures, horticulture, beekeeping, turf and dairy. All tours combine sustainability and natural resource management.

Quadrant Australia can also develop tailored inbound or outbound tours on request. Quadrant Australia will undertake the research to develop a comprehensive itinerary and tour package using our key industry contacts to meet the needs of the group’s request and specifications.

Types of clients who undertake the agricultural tours include:

  • Farmers and producer groups
  • Breed society members
  • Government delegations
  • Students and academics
  • Professional organisations
  • Hobbyists and special interest groups
  • Industry generally

Agricultural Trade Missions

Quadrant Australia, in conjunction with the relevant industry peak body, develops a range of agricultural industry trade missions to investigate export opportunities for the particular industry sector and research promotional opportunities to enhance future trade. Trade Missions are business focused and often result from a Peak Body receiving a government grant or funding to enhance trade within their industry between Australia and relevant worldwide countries. Should you wish to find out more about scheduled trade missions or about trade missions generally, please contact Quadrant Australia.

General Agribusiness Information

The benefits of Agri-business travel

Current world political and commercial trends are forever changing the nature of the agricultural industry. The current erosion of international artificial trade barriers supported by the global technology boom is creating a whole new range of global and local business opportunities. It has never been more important to keep abreast of industry trends and changes due to the increasing pressure to become more competitive and efficient.

Agri-business travel has long proven itself as an excellent way to keep abreast of global farming techniques, technological developments and trade opportunities. Quadrant Australia’s Agtours will give you the opportunity to visit farms, agricultural events and industry research centres and alike.

Our philosophy

The agricultural industry in Australia has developed under extremely difficult conditions, such as harsh climate, high labor costs and few Government subsidies. Success and achievement have depended on our ability to utilise advanced technology and efficient management skills to gain maximum profitability. This is one reason why Australia is such a popular destination for overseas agricultural communities. Always at the forefront of industry progression, Australia offers the opportunity for our visitors to gain firsthand knowledge about a wide range of agricultural industries in which we have often become world leaders. To maintain their standing and competitiveness in world trade, Australian farmers are constantly looking to improve productivity and are keen to learn from practices being developed in other countries. Quadrant Agtours offers the opportunity for members of the Australian agricultural community to travel overseas and study new ideas and the latest in technology in an enjoyable, organised, cost and time efficient manner.



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